At Perceptor Solutions, we focus on using information to improve performance. That means effective design, measurement, analysis, reporting and communication of perceptions. This provides a strong base for effective action planning and performance management.

We develop bespoke measurement solutions that stand alone or integrate with existing systems and build new measurement based solutions to meet changing or new requirements.

Perceptor Solutions has over 20 years of experience in measurement based consulting, working with over 100 blue chip organisations in Europe and North America.

We bring specialist process knowledge and experience in designing, measuring, reporting and communication of perceptions and of the action planning and performance tracking that follows. We also bring in-depth experience in many fields. See our project list.

First, we first work with a client to clarify the outcome they want and from that we determine what to measure. Next, we work together to create a solution using the Perceptor suite of tools. Then, we help our clients to become self-sufficient, by providing them with the training, tools and support they need.